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“What I saw in this place filed my heart with pleasure and admiration and increased my confidence in the people of our country that with God’s help; they will reach to the forefront in the march for progress and development. I pray to God to give them strength and perseverance and to make success their ally”.

The words of late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the inauguration of the Tide manufacturing plant.

The people of Saudi Arabia were first introduced to P&G products in 1956, when the country started to import Tide. Interest in the brand grew, which led to the opening of a manufacturing plant in Jeddah dedicated to producing Tide products. Shortly after this, we joined with our Saudi partner, Abu Dawood, to introduce more brands to the region and, in 1982, Modern Products Company was established in Jeddah to manufacture paper products. With the opening of P&G Gulf in Jebal Ali in 2003, P&G became a fully integrated and recognized company in the region. There is also a general office in Dubai.